Zepcam T3 Live 4G Streaming Bodycam


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Your Eyes in the Field


The solution for real-time supervision and support

 The ZEPCAM T3 Live bodycam allows the user to stream live video with audio and GPS to a central control room. The images can be securely viewed in real time and stored for review using the same ZEPCAM Manager Software for all three generations of bodycams. It is the solution for supervisors to support frontline professionals and remote workers in dealing with the unexpected. Organisations in public safety, law enforcement, security, inspection, construction, technical services and logistics all benefit from the ZEPCAM T3 Live.



The ZEPCAM T3 Live is the newest addition to our turnkey bodycam solutions with built-in live-streaming for unparalleled real-time supervision & support. The ZEPCAM T3 Live has benefits for many frontline professions, is 4G/Wi-Fi connected, user friendly, robust and extremely secure. It is part of the existing ZEPCAM system of integrated hardware, software and server configurations. It is fully compliant and configurable to the different privacy laws, regulations and procedures of our various customers in public and private security and services in over 40 countries.

The potential for many industries that depend on frontline professionals is enormous. Having colleagues in a central control room see what the frontline professionals are faced with, makes their work better, faster and safer. This is critical in law enforcement operations where every second counts. And it is economical in commercial services where more experienced seniors can leverage their knowledge in supporting multiple juniors to improve customer service, quality and safety. With ZEPCAM’s T3 Live you’ll never work alone with constant support from the team. With the ZEPCAM T3 Live, livestreaming bodycam we aim to address crucial issues in many other industries as well.

Some suitable customer applications for the ZEPCAM T3 Live’s streaming capabilities:

  • Maintenance engineers getting central advice on practical solutions for their repairs
  • Ambulance paramedics who need guidance to perform lifesaving medical interventions
  • Fire brigades to get the required extra equipment and support for the fire they face
  • Construction companies can have remote progress video-meetings with actual results and challenges
  • Police intervention teams with live central supervision and coordination
  • Customs and other inspections sharing local findings immediately with central operations
  • Crowd control and coordination during large-scale events, concerts and demonstrations
  • Transportation and logistics benefit from faster central loading and safer roadside checking
  • Traffic police or service companies to ensure better monitoring and decisions



  • Superior live streaming
  • 4G/ Wi-Fi connections
  • Robust and IP68 waterproof
  • Ultra-long battery life
  • GPS track and trace
  • External camera optional