Terms & Conditions

Making a Purchase with or without an On-Line Account

You can either create an On-Line Account and then make a purchase or simply make a purchase as a 'Guest' without creating an On-Line Account. (see the menu at the top of the page to create an On-Line Account)

If you create an On-Line Account making future purchases is made easier as your billing and shipping details are stored on our secure servers and you do not have to re-input your information next time you make and order, you will simply Log-On with your user name and password. You can also check on your orders and purchasing history.



Once you have placed an order your payment will be processed through our secure servers via Payment Express (DPS). All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


We accept the following payment types: 

  • VISA
  • MasterCard



You will receive email confirmation of your order and if in stock the goods will be shipped within in 2-3 days of receiving the order from you.


Countries Supported

We supply to the following countries: 

  • Australia


Request for Quotes

Tactical Solutions always offers competitive prices and excellent customer service. However, for large or high-volume orders we may be able to offer additional discount.  If you would like a quotation for a volume order you can contact one of our sales team through our contact page.


Tax Charges

Merchandise sold from the Tactical Solutions web-site and delivered to an Australian address will have Goods and Services Tax (GST) added to the order total. The GST tax rate is currently 10%


A tax invoice will be supplied or emailed for all orders.


FAQ - Who pays for freight if I return a product?

In most cases, freight charges for returns are your responsibility. However, if you are returning an item because it arrived damaged, or there was an error processing your order, Tactical Solutions Ltd may reimburse you for reasonable expenses or organise freight through our own courier.


** Please note that any returns that are made that do not follow the above policy will be subject to being rejected or sent back with no credit or refund processed 




Search for the item(s) you wish to buy

To find a particular item, enter it in the Search box which is present on the top right of every page and click the 'SEARCH' button. Any matches will be listed, just click on the required item for more details.


100% Online Security

All online transactions that involve data entered by you are carried out via secure encyption (SSL) to ensure 100% Internet privacy.


Website Content

Tactical Solutions is not liable for any pictorial, graphical or typographical inaccuracies on their website. All product specifications including dimensions are subject to change without notice. Prices, shipping and handling charges are also subject to change without notice. Copying, reproducing, modifying, altering, creating derivative versions or publicly displaying any content from our website is prohibited without the express prior written permission of Tactical Solutions or the appropriate third party.


This website contains many third party/supplier trade, service marks and copyrights which remain the property of their respective companies. Access to this website does not constitute a right to copy or use the third party/supplier trade or service marks


All the information contained within the website pages is subject to change and although Tactical Solutions makes every effort to ensure the information herein is accurate and up to date Tactical Solutions does not warrant the accuracy of the information contained within the website.


Price Changes

Although we aim to keep our prices listed on these pages up to date, price variations may occasionally occur - in such a case we will notify you and give you the option to alter or cancel your order without any obligation. We reserve the right to vary our prices without notice.


Use of Products

We have no say and accept no responsibility for how, when, why, where or under what circumstances you would use or carry any of the products sold on our website. We sell these products to you in good faith that you are going to abide by the laws of your country and/or state. The carrying of some of these items could be considered an offense in your country and/or state. You are expected to be aware of any applicable laws in your country and/or state about the carrying or use of these items. We sell to Correctional, Military, Police, Security and Public Safety personnel, and expect our customers to understand and know the laws of their country or state. Please be responsible and educate yourself before making a purchase with us.