Ventus TR2 (CE Certified) - Small Head Harness


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Ventus TR2 (CE Certified) - Small Head Harness

See CE Certificates and Declaration of Conformity HERE

We are proud to announce a new model TR2 CE Certified

Developed in collaboration with Tier 1 operators, it provides a better means of protection while training in compromised environments.

Today’s special operations forces understand the importance of protecting their lungs but they cannot afford to compromise their ability to perform effectively. This is the foundation upon which the TR2 was designed. By offering a low-profile design that’s easy to don and integrates seamlessly with varying kit configurations, the TR2 is the most adaptable respirator for tactical units in Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders.

New filter (P2-02) offers filtration improvements compared to TR2 (Gen1):

  • Approved for use against oil-based contaminants
    • The CE-Certified P2-02 filter is effective and approved for use against both solid (non-oil) particulates as well as oil-based particulates in accordance with the requirements of the EN143:2021 standard. The TR2 Filter (Gen1) was developed to address solid (non-oil) particulates.
  • 15% Increased Breathability
    • The P2-02 filter offers an approximately 15% improved (lower) inhalation resistance compared to the original TR2 filter. The original TR2 filter has an average inhalation resistance of 1.65 hPa (16.8 mmH2O) @ 85 LPM, while the P2-02 has an average inhalation resistance of 1.4 hPa (14.3 mmH2O) @ 95 LPM.

    • The CE-Certified P2-02 filter offers improved filtration efficiency compared to the TR2 Filter (Gen1).
    • Tests ≥99% filtration efficiency for the sodium chloride filtration challenge

The TR2 Filter (Gen1) achieves a 97% efficiency against solid (non-oil) particulates.

The CE-Certified P2-02 filter features a new bonding and pleat design and tests ≥99% filtration efficiency for the sodium chloride filtration challenge for both single and multiple shift use. The P2-02 also has a >97% efficiency for the paraffin oil test and a >95% efficiency when retested after 24 hrs following the initial oil penetration challenge. As a result of the high-performance levels against these challenges, the P2-02 is certified for multiple shift use (i.e. not restricted to single-use like other products in market).

EN143:2021 has three classifications which describe the minimum filtration efficiencies required:

  • P1 is >80%
  • P2 is >94%
  • P3 is >99.95%

Based on these thresholds, the P2-02 was granted P2 classification despite performing well above the 94% minimum requirement.

See our CE FAQ for more information on how the TR2 (CE Certified) compares to TR2 (Gen1).